Selected Projects

R / ingestr

An R package for reading environmental data from raw formats into dataframes.  Available for download on GitHub.  

Drivers of Spatial and Temporal Change

This project focused on human-induced ecosystem change, how biodiversity can buffer this change, and the impacts of these changes on social-ecological systems. The work was based in the Gulf of Alaska, which is exposed to dramatic oceanographic and climate changes, and stressors such as oil spills. I investigated oil spill impacts on groundfish, spatial patterns of groundfish diversity, and drivers of mussel abundance on rocky shores.

Acute Oil Spill Effects

Based in the Gulf of Mexico, this project investigated acute affects of oil spills in coastal ecosystems. More specifically, the goal was to understand how oil spill impacts can vary across a saltmarsh landscape. I studied the effects of oil on saltmarsh plant ecophysiology and growth. In addition, I researched how the impacts on plants can affect saltmarsh consumers.

Biodiversity and Multiple Stressors

Chesapeake Bay seagrass beds are highly biodiverse, but are increasingly subject to multiple stressors such as climate change and coastal development. In this project, I explored whether biodiversity can buffer ecosystem function against the impacts of multiple stressors in these habitats. I also examined the impacts of coastal development on seagrass community structure and function.   

Selected Presentations

Selected Publications

Software Packages:

Blake, R.E., R. Turner. 2021. insectcleanr: code for cleaning insect data (0.1). Zenodo. DOI:

Shannon, J, R.E. Blake, T. Whiteaker.  ingestr: An R package for reading environmental data from raw formats into dataframes.

Marchand, P, I. Carroll, M. Smorul, R. E. Blake, Q. Read.  rslurm: submit R code to a Slurm cluster.  Artist: S. Cho.

Data Packages:

Turner, R., R.E. Blake, A.M. Liebhold. 2021. International Non-native Insect Establishment Data (0.1). Zenodo.

Simpson, A., Turner, R., Blake, R., Liebhold, A., and Dorado, M., 2021, United States Register of Introduced and Invasive Species: U.S. Geological Survey data release,

Blake, R.E., J.A. Olin.  2020. Code and data "Effects of multiple stressors were mixed in an experimental plant – herbivore system". Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity.

Blake, R.E., C.L. Ward, M.E. Hunsicker, A.O. Shelton, A.B. Hollowed. 2019. Code and data for biodiversity, spatial community structure, and spatial community composition of groundfish in the Gulf of Alaska.

Ward, Colette, R.E. Blake.  2017.  Gulf of Alaska Portfolio Effects: Groundfish Functional Diversity Traits.

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

Halpern, B. et al. (including R.E. Blake) In Review. Priorities for synthesis in ecology and environmental science. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 

Mally, R., R.M. Turner, R.E. Blake, G. Fenn-Moltu, C. Bertelsmeier, E.G. Brockerhoff, R.J.B. Hoare, H.F. Nahrung, A. Roques, D.S. Pureswaran, T. Yamanaka, A.M. Liebhold. 2022. Moths and butterflies on alien shores: Global biogeography of non-native Lepidoptera. Journal of Biogeography.

Blake, R.E., J. Olin. 2022. Responses to simultaneous anthropogenic and biological stressors were mixed in an experimental saltmarsh ecosystem. Marine Environmental Research.

Nagy, R. C., et al. (including R.E. Blake). 2021. Harnessing the NEON Data Revolution to Advance Open Environmental Science with a Diverse and Data-Capable Community. Ecosphere. 

Kitzes, J., R.E. Blake, S. Bombaci, M. Chapman, S. M. Duran, T. Huang, M. B. Joseph, S. Lapp, S. Marconi, W.K. Oestreich, T.A. Rhinehart, A.K. Schweiger, Y. Song, T. Surasinghe, D. Yang, K. Yule. 2021. Expanding NEON biodiversity surveys with new instrumentation and machine learning approaches. Ecosphere.

Liebhold, A.M., R.M. Turner, R.E. Blake, C. Bertelsmeier, E.G. Brockerhoff, H.F. Nahrung, D.S. Pureswaran, A. Roques, H. Seebens, T. Yamanaka. 2021. Invasion disharmony in the global biogeography of native and non-native beetle species. Diversity and Distributions 27:11:2050-2062.

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Neira, C., E. Grosholz, L. Levin, R.E. Blake. 2006. Mechanisms Generating Modification of Benthos Following Tidal Flat Invasion by a Spartina Hybrid. Ecological Applications. 16(4), 1391-1404.[1391:MGMOBF]2.0.CO;2

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